Time To Plan The Next Family Reunion? 4 Suggestions To Help The Planning Go Off Without A Hitch

Posted on: 3 March 2017

Family reunions can be a lot of fun. They're a great way to get together and spend time as a family. If it's your turn to plan the family reunion, you may feel overwhelmed by the task at hand—especially if you've never planned a reunion before. Don't let yourself get too stressed out. Here are several tips that will help your plans go off without a hitch.

Start Planning Early

The best time to start planning a family reunion is right after the last one is over. This is particularly important if your family is in the habit of having annual get-togethers. A year is a good amount of time to plan the perfect reunion. If you wait until the last minute, or only give yourself a couple months to plan the whole event, you could find yourself running out of time before all the details are pulled together.

Form a Committee

You may be tempted to put everything together by yourself. This isn't a good idea. You're going to need a few people to help you pull off the perfect reunion. The best way to plan a reunion is to form a committee. Working with a committee will allow you to delegate responsibilities, which will free up the time that you need to deal with the bulk of the planning. A committee will also allow you to bounce ideas off each other, which will ensure more creative ideas for the reunion.

Choose the Location

Once you've formed your reunion committee, your first order of business should be choosing the location. This is particularly important if you're planning a destination reunion. You'll be dealing with reservations, travel plans, and scheduling conflicts, which will require additional time to work out. Choosing the location first will allow you and other family members ample time to plan their schedules around the reunion.

Don't Forget the Small Details

As soon as you have your location planned, you'll need to start working on the smaller details. While these details might be small, they can make or break a reunion.

Party Tents

If your reunion is going to be located outside, you're going to need party tents. Your party tents will give family members a place to relax during the festivities.

Extra Chairs

While you're reserving your party tents, don't forget to add extra chairs. The last thing you want is to run out of seating for your guests.

Portable Toilets

If you're planning a large family reunion, you're going to need to rent portable toilets. The portable toilets will ensure that your guests have somewhere to relieve themselves without standing in long lines. This is particularly important if you've decided to have the reunion at someone's home and there aren't enough bathrooms for everyone.

Now that you're in charge of the next family reunion, make sure it goes off without any problems. The tips provided here will help you plan the perfect reunion. For information on your rental options, contact a company like B & T Rents.