Ways To Get Value When You Buy Sporting Event Tickets

Posted on: 24 March 2017

If you're a sports lover, you might be keen to buy some tickets to see your favorite team in action. However, if you're carefully watching your spending, you want to be sure that the tickets don't blow your budget — after all, you'll still need to pay for some food and souvenirs at the game. While virtually every sporting event offers lower-priced tickets for seats farther away from the action, you don't always have to opt for the cheapest seats in the house. Instead, here are some strategies that you can employ to get value on your tickets.

Consider A Less-Enticing Opponent

You'll often find that teams divide their games based on whether they're playing a "premium" and "regular" opponent. In other words, the opponents that are popular or overly successful versus those that aren't as enticing. Teams know that more fans are eager to see premium opponents, and may charge more for these games. Conversely, games against regular opponents might not be as coveted, so these tickets will be more affordable. If you're mainly interested in cheering on the home team and have little interest in who the visiting team is, focusing on a game against a regular opponent can give you better bang for your buck.

Look At Ticket Packages

Many teams will offer family-friendly ticket packages that can make the sporting event more affordable for parents. These packages often include four tickets in a given section of the stadium, but there will be some added perks thrown in. For example, you might get four fountain drinks, four hot dogs, and two large tubs of popcorn. The price for such a package costs more than buying the four tickets individually, but is cheaper than buying the two tickets and the food separately, so it's valuable to see if your local team offers such ticket packages.

Buy Multi-Game Packs

If you're interested in seeing a few games, a multi-game ticket pack will give you good value. Many teams offer five-game and 10-game packs, for example, which include five or 10 tickets for selected games throughout the season. If you commit to going this route, you'll have an up-front cost, but you'll end up paying less per game than you would if you were to buy the tickets individually. And, if you decide that you don't want to attend all of the games in the pack, you may be able to sell them on the legal secondary market — perhaps even for a profit.