Creative Wedding Reception Venue Ideas

Posted on: 9 May 2017

If you crave a venue that is off the beaten path when planning your wedding reception, you'll have plenty of creative spaces to choose from. Rather than going with the traditional reception hall or country club wedding venues, pick a space that showcases your personality and passions, as well as comfortably accommodates all of your friends and family members.

When picking the perfect reception venue, consider you and your spouse's favorite pastimes and hobbies, as well as the place that you met or shared a romantic day or evening. Before you get your heart set on a space, call the venue to make sure they offer special event space. Some may also offer other event services, such as catering and decorating, as well. 

Weather is another factor to think about when choosing a reception venue, especially if you're planning on hosting the celebration outdoors. If the weather at the time of year you're holding your wedding is unpredictable, try to go with an indoor venue or plan to cover an open-air space with a tent if possible. 

Here are some unique wedding reception venue ideas to get you started:

1. Country Barn

If you love country music, sprawling farms and a relaxed, rural lifestyle, a charming barn may be the ideal reception spot you and your groom. While barns have a natural, rustic appeal, you can also add touches of glamor throughout the space if you desire. 

As an unexpected flair, hang vintage crystal chandeliers from the barn rafters or cover reclaimed wood tables with delicate lace tablecloths. If you prefer to keep things simple and comfortable, set up bales of hay throughout the space for guests to sit on, and give the barn a warm glow with wrought iron lanterns filled with candles. 

2. Vineyard

If you and your spouse-to-be are wine lovers and want an outdoor reception, hold your celebration at a vineyard. The lush, green grape vines will provide a charming backdrop for your nuptials, and you can host your reception in an elegant tent on the property afterward.

Wrap twinkling string lights around trees and poles to create a romantic ambiance, and serve dinner picnic-style from wicker baskets filled with cheese, grapes, meats, crusty bread and wine. Provide sparkling grape juice for kids and the non-drinkers among the group. 

3. Haunted House

If you're holding your wedding around Halloween, go all-out with a haunted wedding reception venue, such as a historic mansion. Other haunted venue ideas include old theaters, hotels, and resorts.

Hand out information about the haunted space as guests arrive, so they can immerse themselves in the history of the venue. You can also have guests come in costume if you desire. 

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