Looking For A Team Building Activity? 4 Reasons To Try An Escape Room

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Do you think an escape room is just for fun and friendship? It's actually something that can build job skills your team could use. How? Here are 4 skills that are honed in an escape room setting.

Teamwork. Generally, escape rooms are designed for groups of people to work together. While this is usually a group of fun-seeking friends, it could be your office team too. Some puzzles literally require more than one person working together to solve. Others require more collaboration in order to beat the clock. In any case, your people can learn the value of working together rather than at odds. 

Communication. In order to solve mysteries and present potential solutions, your team must be able to communicate their ideas. These ideas have to be clear and precise and the speakers must be able to convince others to work with them. Debates are also common in escape room scenarios. .All of these soft communications skills are things that many inexperienced workers lack, and they will translate well into your office.

Problem Solving. An escape room, by its nature, is a problem that must be solved, and it's one that no one can avoid. The literal problems, puzzles, and mysteries that guests go through help cement both hard and soft skills. Failure to share your solutions can cost the group valuable time, so it may even help shy workers to gain confidence. 

Decision Making. In order to move forward in any escape room, all groups must come to decisions and act on them. All of these decisions will have consequences. For some decisions, the consequence will be that they do not work and there is failure. Other decisions will lead to good consequences. But the lessons will help reinforce the notion that groups have to learn how to compromise to take action when only one course can be taken. And it teaches that actions will have results both good and bad, but inaction can be just as dangerous. 

What can you as a business owner or manager take away from this? That an escape room can be a great option for your next team building event. Why is it perfect for many office groups? Simply because it masquerades as a fun game, but in reality it can teach your employees skills that will improve their work and your business. Get started today to help your team work better tomorrow.