3 Ideas For Hosting The Best-Ever Summertime Backyard Party For Your Child

Posted on: 20 April 2018

Summer vacation from school is something that kids look forward to with great anticipation, but once it arrives, boredom can quickly set it. This is often true because kids may not be able to see their friends every day, as they do during the school year. Parents who want to offer their kids more summer interaction with their friends can easily do so, right in their own home and the following suggestions can help make it a success. 

Develop a theme for the event

The best parties for kids are the ones that go far beyond refreshments and pinning a tail on a donkey. Instead, today's kids want to attend events that include activities that will challenge them physically or mentally. To offer kids real excitement, hosting parents might want to consider choosing a theme for the event that works well with the ages of children who will attend. For instance, a group of rowdy ten year old children are likely to be enthralled by the challenges of simulating an army boot camp, complete with an obstacle course, tug-of-rope battle, inflatable water slide, and overnight tent camping. 

Look for ways to simplify the preparation

If just the thought of hosting ten or twenty youngsters for an overnight outing in your backyard makes your feel tired, you may be overthinking the process. To avoid this, look for ways in which you can simplify the preparations - and the clean up afterward! Good ideas for this include: 

  • using inexpensive tarps as drop cloths under eating areas to contain sticky spills - after the party is over, these tarps can be hosed clean, allowed to dry, and then stored for another use
  • having a portable toilet delivered to reduce the number of times the kids will need to go into the house - in addition to being convenient for the kids, this will reduce the amount of cleaning the parents will have to do after the party is over
  • encouraging water play, such as in a wading or swimming pool, with an inflatable water slide, or under sprinklers at the end of the day - this type of water play can serve as a faux bath - eliminating the need for kids to line up to use the shower or bathtub in the house

For even more fun plans and ideas for keeping kids entertained in your backyard this summer, consider talking to a local supplier, like Affordable Inflatable Party Rental, who specializes in water slides or other inflatable yard toys.