Excited For Football Season? Make Sure You Tailgate Right

Posted on: 30 May 2018

This fall, when your favorite football team hits the field, make sure that you party right. No more basic tailgates out of the back of your friend's pick-up truck. This fall, when your favorite football team has a home game, a party bus rental for sporting events is the ultimate tailgating experience.

Make A Reservation in Advance

You may not be the only person who has the smart idea of using a party bus to tailgate and then go out and party after the biggest football games of the season. As soon as the fall football schedule comes out, call up your local party bus company and make some reservations for all the weekends where there are home games. Be prepared with some money to put down as a deposit to hold your reservations. Making your reservations as soon as the fall football schedule comes out will ensure that you have a party bus for all the home games.

Gather Together Your Party

Next, you need to gather together your party group. Remember, you don't have to party with the same group for each game. Maybe one weekend you make it a family weekend, and bring together all of your extended family for a great tailgate and football party experience. Perhaps the next weekend, you get together all of your coworkers so that you all can have some chill time to hang out outside of the office for once. Then, for the other weekends, get together your different friend groups.

Don't just rely on your own connections to get together enough people for the party bus. For each group that you invite, let everyone know that they are more than welcome to bring their significant others, friends, and fans of football with them.

Get the Money Together

Once you have come up with your party groups for the different weekends, you are going to want to start to get the money together. Create a spreadsheet of who is coming for each weekend. Figure out the average number of people attending, and let everyone know how much it will be and give them a hard and fast deadline to pay you. Give people a few weeks to pay; if you give them a few months to pay, you are going to be scrambling at the end trying to get money from everyone.

Collecting money for group events is easier than ever. Use one of the online money apps that allow individuals to securely send you money. That way, you don't have to collect a lot of cash. Once you have the money for a specific weekend, pay that weekend off with the party busy company so you are not worried about payment the week of the game.

Use the party bus to pick everyone up before the big game. Set your tailgate up with the party bus. After the game, use the party bus it hit up your favorite sports bars to celebrate the game together. You can even use the bus to ensure that everyone gets home safely at the end of the celebrations.