Corporate Caterings: They're Not Just For Company Mergers Anymore

Posted on: 29 August 2018

Coporate catering services used to be limited to major company events that only involved the CEO, VP, and a list of other top executives when they would meet with other "big wigs." Now, you can hire a corporate caterer for just about anything. The following list of events are examples for which you can hire corporate catering services.

Feed Research Participants

Having research volunteers come in to test products over lunch and for longer than three hours? Sure, you may be paying them for their time, but getting a bite to eat is nice, too. A corporate caterer can make several sandwiches, "handful hoagies," and snacks. Research participants will be content and fed, and your R&D department will get plenty of repeat volunteers for future research studies.

Employee Trainings and New Employee Orientations

Employee trainings and new employee orientations often run full days. When people are tied to a room and do not have enough time to leave the building and grab lunch, these events can be catered. It keeps people training and orienting while feeding them where they sit. A very short break to munch and back to work keeps the day moving.


Hosting business conferences is a great networking opportunity. It is even better when lunch is catered and people can spend time talking to each other and making some good business contacts. Pick a good speaker and subject matter, and then pick a good caterer.  

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties remain orderly and in control when you hire a caterer. The caterer brings all of the popular holiday party foods, including kosher and vegan/vegetarian options. Everyone is served or serves themselves, and is able to return to the food tables for more goodies. Drinks are also controlled, in the form of either hot toddies (if alcohol is allowed) or cocoa and punch. (Spiked punch may also be provided, if the caterer does that, and upon request.)

Celebrating Major Company Milestones

From retirement parties for people who have been with the company for decades to taking your company "public," company milestones are always a good reason for celebration and fun. Of course, the food should be catered. You still want the company to be and look professional in the midst of such celebrations.

Charity Events

Charity events are always catered events. When people are relaxed and well-fed, they are more likely to open their wallets and give. Formal or family fun events make no difference as corporate caterers are able to be flexible with the menus.