Best Fabrics To Set The Tone At Your Next Evening Event

Posted on: 1 May 2019

Using fabrics to decorate for your event can make a huge impact on the mood of your event. Many of the fabrics in this article are multi-purpose and can be used to cover chairs, tables, or even the walls of your event space.  Knowing which fabrics to use can help make your event a success, set the tone you're going for, and save you money.


Organza is one of the best fabrics used during evening events due to its dramatic appearance. Organza is a sheer fabric with a lot of body. Its frosted appearance allows organza to take center stage wherever it's put on display. Due to its frosted and luxurious nature, choosing organza for an evening event can save you the money you may have spent on decorating elsewhere.

Organza has a nice weight and will drape well from tables and chairs. However, if you expect a lot of activity at your venue, you may want to use a swath of ribbon to tie the organza back.


Tulle is one of the most prevalent fabrics used in event decorating. This may be due to the fact that it's one of the most affordable and versatile decorating fabrics. Tulle is typically sold in large bolts, which is perfect if you need a large, unbroken piece of fabric for your event. This is another fabric that has a lot of body and is best when draped or tied back.

However, tulle normally finds its home in daytime events. To make tulle more suitable for the evening, choose dark, metallic, or jewel-toned fabric. Tulle is most commonly used as tie-backs for chairs, archways, and ceilings.


You may be used to seeing satin in wedding dresses, but it can make an excellent decorating fabric. Satin comes in different weights, from the more affordable costume satin to premium bridal satin. Satin fabrics are available in an entire rainbow of colors. The only downside to using satin is that it can snag easily.  For an evening event, satin is best used for table covers, runners, and window coverings.  

If you want to use satin for your chairs, try to find a stretch satin. This will hug the curves of a chair better than a regular satin. Stretch satin will also prevent snags.

No matter what fabric you choose, you should talk to your event rental expert. They will be able to advise you what chair rentals, fabrics, and colors will suit your event best.