Tips To Help You Plan An Arcade Birthday Party For Your Growing Kid

Posted on: 4 November 2019

When your kids outgrow clowns, cowboys, and superheroes as birthday entertainment, things will change. What do you do to entertain the kids that come to celebrate your kid's birthday party? One thing to consider is an arcade birthday party. Here, you'll find a few tips to help make it a success.


One thing to consider is the location of the arcade in which you plan the party. If the party is located too far away from the kids that will be invited, chances are, you won't get many kids showing up for the party. Try to find a location that is no more than 30 minutes from where your kid goes to school. If you have to choose a location beyond that limit, try to arrange transportation for the kids.


When parties are held too far from home, you can still make it work — you'll just have to find some friends and family that would be willing to help transport the kids to and from the party. Find a centralized meeting place — like the school or a park and ride — and have everyone meet there. You load the cars with kids, drive to the arcade, celebrate, and deliver the kids back to the meeting point where their parents will pick them up.

Tip: Make sure that you have up-to-date contact info for each parent. You don't want to run late and not be able to contact them and let them all know — unnecessary worry will ruin everything for the families.

Party Room Rental

A lot of arcades have party rooms that you can rent out for birthday parties. When you contact the arcade, make sure that you fully understand what is included in the party package. Sometimes, there are different packages to choose from — one may include pizza and soda, as well as tokens to play the games — others may only include tokens for game-play. Discuss the package and any available add-ons so that you can make sure that everyone has what they need to have a good time.


When you contact the arcade, another thing to inquire about is whether or not you are allowed to bring your own cake. Some arcades are welcoming about it, others will request that you purchase the cake through them or pay a small fee for bringing in outside food.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through the planning process of your growing kid's arcade birthday party. Once you get through the planning, it's all about the fun.

For more information, contact a local arcade.