5 Reasons To Use An Event Planner For The Wedding Weekend

Posted on: 28 February 2022

When most couples envision hiring someone to help plan and manage their wedding weekend, they think of a wedding planner. But a wedding planner is just a subspecialty of the larger field of event planning and management.

While a wedding planner can be the perfect expert to help with your nuptials, what about various other events included around it? Why might event management be a good fit for these? Here are five reasons. 

1. It's Cost-Effective

Couples often find that services and products intended specifically for weddings charge more than the same goods for other purposes. This can make sense for certain services. But does that apply to things like your wedding rehearsal, goodbye brunch, or coordinating your out-of-town guests? A qualified event manager can often do just as good a job for less money. 

2. Some Events are Complex

Modern couples often want more than just a bunch of tulle and a cake to slice. You may want fireworks, special dance or musical performances, video presentations, or fantastic lighting designs. Event managers work with these more complex, non-wedding-related special features, so they may be the most experienced in coordinating them. 

3. Goals Are Different

The main goal of the wedding and reception is to celebrate your love. But the specific goals and vibe of ancillary events may be different. The goal for a welcome dinner for distant guests or VIPs, for instance, might be to help everyone learn about the locale or get acquainted with each other. The goodbye brunch, on the other hand, might be all about showing how much you appreciate your guests. While a wedding planner can help with both, a wide-ranging event planner gets to the heart of each event. 

4. The Wedding Planner Is Busy

You don't want the wedding ceremony or main reception to be sacrificed in the quest to design other gatherings for the weekend. So why not let your wedding coordinator focus on the main events while you use other planners to handle smaller parties? Both professionals can concentrate on their work and will still be able to coordinate where necessary. 

5. They Think Outside the Box

Any person that specializes in one event — like weddings — learns a lot about those events, but they may become myopic about them. A more all-around event management service, on the other hand, creates a wide variety of events. If you want something more unique, surprising, or memorable for your big day, consider teaming with someone who brings a wider eye to the role.

Where to Learn More

Could an event management company make your wedding weekend the perfect experience for you and your guests? Learn more by meeting with a planner or visiting a local event center, such as The Crane Bay Event Center