4 Ways To Guarantee Comfort With An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Posted on: 2 September 2022

Getting married indoors makes it easy to guarantee comfort because you can use a heating and cooling system as needed. However, you may prefer an outdoor wedding, so you may want to begin your search for an outdoor wedding venue to make a reservation. Learning several ways to ensure comfort outdoors will help you pick an ideal venue for your needs.

Date and Time

One way to enjoy a comfortable wedding is by strategically picking the date and time. A summer or winter wedding can make things difficult because you may be under extreme cold or sweltering heat during these months. Fortunately, you can prioritize spring and autumn for your wedding because these months are more likely to have manageable temperatures.

When you are set on a summer wedding, you can look for an evening one so that you can enjoy the ceremony and reception while the sun is going down.


Getting married on a spring, summer, or autumn day means that you may experience warm temperatures. So, you will appreciate picking a wedding venue with shade to cool down. A gazebo is an excellent feature to get married under for your ceremony. However, most gazebos cannot fit all your guests, which means it will primarily keep you and your spouse comfortable.

Another option is to get married in a beautiful tent, which will guarantee sun protection. Keeping the sun out will maximize comfort inside the tent for everyone.


Some outdoor venues can provide cooling in various forms. For instance, you can pick a venue with multiple outdoor fans that they can set up and use to provide comfort on hot days. You can even request their use during spring and autumn if you get warm easily.

Misters can also keep everyone at the wedding comfortable. Most misting systems will provide a light enough misting to reduce temperature without causing issues for makeup or hairstyles.


While it may not impact the ceremony, you can improve comfort for your wedding with strategic catering choices. A smart move is to prioritize wedding venues and packages that include cold foods for the appetizers, main courses, and desserts. You can also get catering that will provide a constant supply of ice-cold drinks to keep all guests comfortable and satisfied.

When you pick a venue for an outdoor wedding venue, you can use some or all of these options to keep everyone comfortable.