Highboy Table Rentals: Lightweight And Versatile

Posted on: 10 October 2022

HIghboys are lightweight and versatile tables. They can be used to encourage guests to conversate or as the backdrop for a food or beverage display. A rental company may offer many highboy models that can be used at your next catered event.

The Use Of Highboys

A highboy table is space-saving. This type of rental is often sought when there isn't enough room for a series of long tables. Highboys are designed to be used while standing or sitting down. The orchestrator of an event may want to keep their rental furniture costs down without making it look obvious that they are being frugal. If this is the case, they may decide to rent one or two large banquet tables that contain seats and reserve a series of highboys that lack seating.

If people are going to be supplied with independent areas to sip cocktails or to select from a display of finger foods, the highboys can be set up strategically and designated for these activities. HIghboys can also be used to define distinct areas within a venue. If a dance floor and an open dining room are going to be featured, highboys can be used to outline the larger areas. Using a variety of design elements and furnishing styles throughout a venue can make an event space visually appealing to the guests.

Features And Decorating Ideas

A table rental supplier may feature highboy tables that contain a hydraulic lift or extension rod. Either of these accessories will allow a highboy table's height to be adjusted. Some rental products may contain a wide pedestal base that contains LED lighting. This table style will work well in dimly-lit areas. A table that contains lighting can be used to prepare an intimate cocktail area where guests can be seated in small groups. A table that contains LED lighting will also be suitable for use during an outdoor event that will take place at night.

A rental supplier may feature many highboy table models that are constructed of wood, plastic, laminate, and more. A simple highboy style may contain a small circular tabletop that is supported by a metal frame. Decorating a highboy can be done rather easily. Many furniture rental companies offer linens, centerpieces, accent pieces, and other items that can be used to create a custom area for guests to sit or stand. A furniture rental business owner may offer a client some decorating tips that can be used during a formal or informal event.

For more information about table rentals, contact a local company.